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Liberty M&S Blog

Boston Movers Think Environmental For Earth Month

Welcome back to the Liberty Moving & Storage weekly blog update, where we discuss all things home and moving. To continue with our theme from last week: National Earth Month, today we thought we would talk about sustainability within the home. There are many ways that Boston movers can be conscious of the environment within their homes, witho [...]

Boston Movers Celebrate National Earth Month

Welcome back to the Liberty Moving & Storage weekly blog update, where we discuss all things moving! As your trusted Boston movers, we’d like to take a moment to discuss the great outdoors! April is National Earth month, and as spring is now well underway, we thought we’d talk about earth-related activities that you can consider i [...]

Choosing Safe and Reliable Boston Movers

Welcome back to moving news and tips from Liberty Moving & Storage, your trusted Boston movers! This week is National Consumer Protection week, and with the busiest moving season of the year right around the corner, we’d like to take a moment to discuss moving fraud, and how to go about staying informed and protected through your reside [...]

Boston Movers Celebrate Hearth and Health

Welcome back to Liberty Moving & Storage news! February is American Heart Month, and we hope that all of our valued Boston movers are in good health. In this issue, we’d like to discuss some great ways to stay healthy and happy at the close of the winter. We understand that it’s easy to go through cycles of feeling sluggish or laz [...]

Boston Movers Take Inventory This Winter

With the new year in full swing, it's easy to get bogged down with the January blues and boredom. But there is plenty to do for Boston movers who will be relocating in the upcoming months.  Winter is a great time for evaluating what you have, organizing, and purging to prepare for a spring move in Boston. The quiet darker days of winter [...]

Happy New Year Boston Movers!

As we wrap up our 2014 business year, Liberty Moving & Storage would like to wish our Boston movers a safe and happy new year. Thank you for being part of our year, and we look forward to continuing to serve the Boston area with our moving and storage services in 2015! Best wishes ringing in the New Year! Liberty Moving & Storage

Boston Movers Beware of Theft during Move Process

Tis the season. Thieves are looking for homes to hit.  There are times when your home is more vulnerable to theft. Liberty Moving & Storage wants our Boston movers to be on the lookout and protect their homes throughout their move process. There have been unfortunate news stories around the country of thieves pulling vans up to homes w [...]

Recent Boston Movers and Crime Prevention

October is National Crime Prevention Week. Since 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council has designated October as the month to promote awareness and education surrounding crime prevention. Liberty Moving & Storage would like to take this opportunity to discuss this topic with our recent Boston movers. Being aware and proactive is your be [...]

Boston Movers Recognize National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the US Department of Homeland Security. The month serves to educate Americans on how to prepare for all types of emergencies, including natural disasters and possible terrorist attacks. Whether you are Boston movers about to move or have moved recentl [...]

Ways for Boston Movers to Be Green

We are in the green of summer and the busiest moving season. It is a perfect time for Boston movers to consider making choices for a greener move. Boston movers can lessen the impact that a move can have on the environment by following a few easy tips. Recycle-People often clean out and clear out what is no longer needed before a move. They [...]

Packing Safety Tips for Boston Movers

June is National Safety Month and Liberty Moving & Storage would like to provide some timely reminders for practicing safety for Boston movers throughout their move. We are dedicating this month to sharing tips and resources for safe moving. This week we would like to draw your attention to safety matters having to do with the packing. Your [...]

Boston Movers-ID Pets Before You Move

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the third week in April is National Pet ID week. This prompted us here at Liberty Moving & Storage to remind our Boston movers to have your pet identification updated immediately upon arrival. It is a good idea to prepare at least a collar tag before you get there so you can place the [...]

Potential Tax Deductions for Boston Movers

Here we are again. April 15 is right around the corner. Many have already filed their taxes but for those Boston movers who have not, Liberty Moving & Storage wants to remind you to look closely at your moving expenses if your move took place in 2013. Please be sure to go to the IRS section for Moving Expenses to see if any of your moving exp [...]

Volunteer Opportunities for Recent Boston Movers

National Volunteer Week is coming right up. This year it falls on April 6-13, 2014. Liberty Moving & Storage is happy to take this timely opportunity to encourage our recent Boston movers to deepen their connection to their new communities through volunteering. We have been in the Boston moving business since the 1930s. We know the importan [...]

Boston Movers Welcome Spring!

It has finally arrived, if only by date, but winter is in fact fading away and most places in the country this year can say, “Good Riddance!” Major cities nearly everywhere dealt with more snow than usual and colder than average temperatures. And according to most long range forecasts, winter is not finished with the US just yet with [...]

Creature Comforts for Boston Movers

Liberty Moving & Storage has been taking this winter month of February to bring our Boston movers ideas for finding connections that will help them feel more at home in the new community they anticipate moving to.  We enjoy helping our customers to be proactive with this by providing ideas and resources. Read our earlier posts this mon [...]

Happy New Year, Boston Movers!

Liberty Moving & Storage would like to wish our Boston Movers a Happy New Year. 2013 proved to be a great year for our moving company and we have our Boston movers to thank. We look forward to more opportunities to serve you 2014. Enjoy a safe and prosperous New Year! Liberty Moving & Storage, your trusted Boston movers for three gene [...]

Happy Holidays Boston Movers

Liberty Moving & Storage would like to wish our Boston movers and their families a peaceful and joyous holiday season. We appreciate your business over these many years and the trust you put in us to handle your Boston moves.  Here’s wishing you and yours safe, warm and happy holidays! Liberty Moving & Storage-On the move wit [...]

Moving Fraud-It is real. Protect yourself

You have heard the stories about rogue movers – and well, it has happened again. The Department of Transportation has shut down 5 more moving companies for fraud. Three of the companies are in Southern Florida, one in South Carolina and one in Maryland. Read more about this story here in the Miami Herald. Liberty Moving & Storage woul [...]

The Benefits of Using Temporary Storage

How are you doing with your fall sorting and purging? Autumn is flying by. The busy holiday season will be upon us in a flash. This is the best time of year to take stock of what you have and what you will keep before a move. Your move costs will be based partly on the weight of your move load. You will surely save money on your move by purging u [...]

Honoring Those Who Have Served

To all those who have served and who are currently serving our country, Liberty Moving & Storage would like to say Thank You!  We are proud of our Veterans and honor them through our remembrance, support and gratitude today and every day.  Your sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice that protects our freedom and our great nation.  [...]

The Batty Attic

Last week Liberty Moving & Storage brought forward the topic of cleaning out the “spooky” basement to our future Boston movers. In keeping with the spirit of this last week in October, we would like to turn your attention to the batty attic! For those of you in the Boston area that are planning a move in the next year, it is nev [...]

Future Boston Move? Time to Sort and Purge!

Happy September! The summer is winding down. It is the squirrely time of year where we tend to feel like getting ready or getting back to normal or getting organized. For Liberty Moving & Storage, the summer was and continues to be our busiest move season. But we are always looking ahead and preparing for the next one.  Many people in [...]

Back to School Safety

 For the last couple of weeks, Liberty Moving & Storage has been sharing our resources and ideas for college students moving away to school and younger students starting a new school after a move. In keeping with the back to school theme of August, we would like to bring up the topic of back to school safety. Back to School Safety is i [...]