COVID Moving Tips: Prepping for a Summer Move

With the current pandemic crisis taking over all areas of life as we know it, it’s expected that some people may feel hesitant about moving. The spring moving season was much slower than usual, and moving companies are gearing up for a busy summer in response. Liberty Moving & Storage is taking the pandemic very seriously and we are implementing strict safety protocols. If you are moving this summer, here are some COVID moving tips to help you stay safe.


  1. Call multiple companies: not only do you want to make sure that you’re getting the best rate and service, but you will want to check whether or not moving companies are operating.
  2. Ask potential moving companies about their safety practices: how are your moving company choices working to combat the virus and protect their employees and customers?
  3. Organize & sanitize: pack little by little instead of leaving it until the last minute. Sanitize surfaces and objects as you go along.
  4. Limit your exposure: in preparation for moving day, try and limit the number of people that you come into contact with to combat spread on moving day.
  5. Wash your hands: it sounds obvious but it definitely helps slow spread. Have a handwashing sink available for movers to use on moving day. Keep your distance also.


If you’re prepping for a summer move, follow these COVID moving tips to help keep you safe and healthy. For all of your moving and storage needs, feel free to contact Liberty Moving & Storage.

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