5 Safety Tips for Moving During Coronavirus

The current pandemic situation has taken a toll on all forms of business. For the moving industry it has not been business-as-usual either. However many moving companies are still operating, and with moving season in full swing you can bet that people are still moving their homes and businesses with caution. Here are 5 safety tips for moving during coronavirus.

  1. Buy new supplies – while recycling boxes is more cost effective and better for the environment, now is not the time to be reusing packing supplies. Purchase new packing boxes to avoid any unnecessary spread of germs.
  2. Contact your mover far ahead of time – extra planning is needed during a pandemic, so be sure to schedule your moving date as far in advanced as you can.
  3.  Organize – prevent last minute stresses by having all of your packing and organizing done early. The less time a moving crew needs to be in your home, the easier it is to move safely.
  4. Stock up on sanitizing materials – Giving your movers access to a sink and hand soap will allow for better hygiene practices. Use sanitation wipes on door knobs and surfaces.
  5. If you’re sick, reschedule! – your moving company will work with you to reschedule if anyone in your household falls ill. Anybody who has been exposed to COVID should not be around other people.

We hope that these safety tips for moving during the coronavirus help you. Stay safe, and please contact Liberty Moving & Storage for questions or concerns that you may have. 508-273-0395.

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